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Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Young and the Restless.

So I'm really starting to understand what the lads who wrote the bible felt like way back when.
By no means am I comparing my blog to the bible..but Jesus I tell ya...after two or three posts...writers block kicks in and your just fucked. Like full on..I cant comprehend how John, Matthew and the other two lads just kept going..god knows how many posts they did back in A.D. like...:P

So yeah.
Easters over basically. 
3 days left and there you have it. 
I'm not gonna harp on about the you know what...its the bane of all of our 17/18 year old lives right now...and we all know where and when its taking place. But not to fear..Summers nearly here. :)
For real..time flies when your having fun.

Summers in approx 60-70ish days right?
So what are we gonna do to celebrate the beginning of the rest of our lives? How are we going to forget about results for the 3 long months that follow the awkward bitchfuck that is  the Leaving Certificate 2011? GO MAD. THAT'S WHAT. Only way to do it Boys ;) I'm telling ya! Seriously. Like do whatever pops into your head. We do deserve it after all..since were literally going to be suffering from this second forward until the end of June!

I dont know about your plans! But I'm kicking off Summer with a bang! Going to see Ke$ha and LMFAO with two of my bestfriends 3 days after I finish. That being said I will probably still be drunk from my last exam which bitchily enough is the 25th. Would'nt you only be delighted to be starting the 8th and finishing the 17th? Yeah so would I. Only I picked up religion this year. So yeah. The misery of finishing my German exam on the 17th and then having to wait for the last exam on the 25th. Life will go on anyways. I have solemnly vowed to my mother, that I am leaving the exam hall on the 25th of June @ approx 4pm with a can of Druids in one hand, and a scrunched up exam paper in the other. I'll be laughing all the way to the lake...unless Fr. Connell catches me with my can on school grounds in which case I'll be laughing all the way to the School Office. CAUSE I'LL BE FINISHED. Yaaaaaaay. 

So yeah kickoff starts with Summerjam @ the 02.
That should be amazing. Then after that, the first of July 2011 will be born and I will officially be 19 years old. Exactly a year away from 20. DISGUSTING. But we'll pass that bridge when we come to it. EW. 
Theres nothing wrong with being a mature student.. right you guys?

My 19th.
My 4th adventure to Punchestown Racecourse. :)
Oxegenation is vital in order to have an amazing summer , so go buy a ticket or I wont be your friend.
I can safely say that since it will be my first time EVER camping, that I am more excited and apprehensive than EVER before. The dirt will be discusting. The rain will make me sad. And the mud will be soul destroying. But I'll get over it. It's all about your musical experience. :) You gotta get down n' dirty! I have travelled to and fro' the last 3 years, every night, like a loser. But this year is the big one. Alex Turner and Chris Martin will be there, therefore I must commit to the god damn thing. Cannot wait to sing along to songs like Trouble..and Yellow..And Fix You. I love Coldplay. They're just one of those bands you could just listen to and feel anything. :)

So then yeah, I'll be 19. School will be done all over again. :) 

Exams will be in the Dept. of Education, being corrected by mangy correctors. Oxegen will have commenced and been experience by all of Mullingar and the rest of the country. And it will be July. Time for some mischief. I'm thinking some of us are heading to Galway and renting a house for a week! Life by the beach with 99's on hand! Who know's maybe we'll even shift a few bures when day turns to night. ;) 

After that Youi will officially be 18 and we will no longer have to worry about finding him ID. Which means we'll go crazy and live in Dublin for 2 weeks going out and getting severely amazingly rightfully painfully drunk every night. Then we'll get sick of it and go home like everybody else! Then I'm thinking a national adventure is on the cards....
London...???...Paris...???..or maybe even NYC take 2? A group of us will be travelling to a faraway land anyways thats for cert! The question remains..WHICH LAND? That had yet to be discussed. But it will happen. Watch this space.

After that its Debutantes time! 10th of August!
So far I have my dress and I know how I want my hair and makeup.
After that I need shoes, accessories..and most importantly..A date. I have three suitors in mind. :)Its only April..which is still kinda early days-ish! So yeah. We'll get a tonne of dressy pictures and we'll head Drogheda and be twischt for days! My date will be lovely and look really cute in pictures and it will be really awkward when we have to get pictures together with the parents staring at the two of us with dough eyes...But it will be a piece of cake. :) Cannot wait :)

Then Results the 18th.
Our lives really begin.
CAO will get clogged up and people will be getting unreal offers to colleges that they've aspired to go to for years right left and centre! Some people will be happy. Some people will be sad. But at the end of the day the leaving cert is the leaving cert. FUCK IT. If you think you can do better I reccommend repeat. Otherwise. Stick to your guns. I repeated and I can safely say that I do not have ONE single regret. Honestly. Hopefully in June things will work out for me. Eg. Eavan Boland will be on the paper and the Hamlet question will be piss easy!

So yeah.
After that, we'll no longer be the young and the restless guys...
We'll be in student accomadation in Dublin..Limerick and Galway. I would kill to be in UCD doing English or Journalism or something along those lines come October..but what will be will be. Everything happens for a reason. Worst case scenario..I'll be homeless and sponge off my besties couch in Bellgrove or Halls or wherever. :P

So yeah.
Leaving cert is commencing.
And then after that, were all the big bad world.
Dont know about you, but im counting down the seconds.
WOOOOO. :) Hope everybody worked hard over Easter and that they get their results in June. This entry is already far too long. Kinda boring too huh? Oh well...until next time. ;)PEACE.x 

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Are the Beautiful people real?

So good morning.                                                 Its 2am on Sunday and my mood is...                         Well...I'm here aren't I?                                       I'm in bed..lingering on facebook and blogger!

Nothings happening either place but as usual I am being the ultimate creeper offline.
So I have a question for anybody reading at this present moment.

Are the Beautiful people real?

What do I mean , you might ask?

So blogger's..Right now its just you and me.
Were in a dim and dark alleyway and anything you tell me is confidential. I'm not going to criticise or poke fun at you if something you say is silly. I wont text half the town about something stupid you said. And I wont laugh either. Just come a lil closer and whisper in my ear! I'm about to ask you a question. But you have to promise to tell the truth. Don't laugh. Cause I'm a total dork but I'm gonna be brave and say it out.

*********HERE GOES!
Do you stalk somebody?
Now I know what your thinking...stalk is a pretty general I'll elaborate.
In the Harper Collins Dictionary , the verb to stalk basically means to follow or watch from afar in an obsessive and abnormal manner! I wouldn't call it an obsession..But am I the only girl who kind of secretly but constantly creeps on foreign page type territory? What do I mean by this? Like..So facebook. Whens theres nobody in chat. And you've liked each and every slightly funny status already. And your getting kind of bored. But you've got nothing better to do.
Where do you go? Offline?
If so. You can click the ''Next Blog'' button now, because you will think I am in fact a complete tool! This will also be five or six minutes of your life that you will never get back. So have a good life there stranger! Bon Voyage!

In any other case...where you infact might just be able to relate to my completely loser dork habit..please read on!
So I'm gonna make the first move and enlighten you into my usual routine. So I login to facebook. Nothings new. I've got 4 lousy uninteresting notifications. Someones got a status up about passing their theory test! I like it, along with 7 or 8 other people. BORED CENTRAL SO FAR. Somebody else just joined some hilarious random group about gingers or turbans or something being awkward. I join too. ABOUT TO FALL ASLEEP.COM.
Nobody in chat is actually worth talking to. I sigh.

*...awkwardly stares around the room to see whose watching...*
NOW. Here's the critical make or break moment.
Where to next? Logging out would just be rude.
Like I really am obliged to stay online for at least 10 more minutes..aren't I?..

..I click into home and see 'idol#1' in the feed.
New pictures have been uploaded. I can safely say I go through the batch twice. Just staring. In absolute awe of how unbelievable she is. Her clothes. Her room. Her friends. Her hair. Her makeup. The bracelets on her arm. The posters on her walls. The way her room is an actual kip..
I read through a status or two off her page.
And instantly. That's it. Vortex closes. I've been sucked in.

3 months later.
I'm now more and more dependant then ever before.
I need my fix. New Pictures. An interesting status. Whatever.
She's got me hooked. No questions asked. I just need my fix please and thank you. Nothing else.

Sometimes I wonder where she buys her clothes.
Or how she thought to do her hair that way.
Or why her room is just like an art gallery full of paintings and pictures that tell a million different amazing stories that I'd do anything to hear about.
But most of all.
I wonder.
Is she real?
Is she too amazing to be true.
All these thoughts that circulate around my head.
Do they really exist?
Or is she a dream.?
A twisted out of control figment of my vast imagination?
If I saw her on the street, would she satisfy the image I've thrown together in my head? Would she look like a model in real life? Or are all her pictures edited? Would she dress like a rock star? Or would she be in her pyjamas running to the shop for milk? If I said hello..would she stare back and walk on?

I don't know.
Sad part?
I never will know.
Because no matter how many times I read her shit.
Or look through her photo albums.
She's a complete stranger.
Sure. I sat at her table in a restaurant once. We had a conversation about fake tan and how it screws with your skin. And she liked my earrings. But that's it.

So yeah.
Are the Beautiful people real?
Answer? We'll never know.
Because at the end of the day.
Who the fuck really is she?
Just a person, that's who.
Shes amazing. And she does my dream course in UCD. And she wears outfits I wish I owned. And resides in a bedroom fit for a rock star princess. But that's it. I'm me. She's her. Your idol is your idol. Your hero. Someone you wish you knew. End of.

Rant over.

Just wondered if I was alone in this lonely stalker swept out boat! Guess so! Oh well! At least I can go on facebook now in a few minutes and have a look around..! Wonder who I'll stalk tonight. I'm cool. So yeah. Thanks for reading and goodnight.
Ciao. x

PS. I am not. REPEAT. I am NOT a freaky obsessed random. Shes just leads and amazing and seriously intriguing life.


First day at blog school...

 So...I'm the new kid in the class. Its my first day. And I'm nervous. My body language screams talk to me. And my lunchbox is Pokemon.I don't know my way around the blog cafeteria..Wanna show me around?

....OK! For realllzzz though! Where do I start?
My names Louise Casey.
I am 18 years old.
I was born on the 1st scorching day of July in Uptown Queens, New York @ approx 12.04am.
I went to St. Raphael's Catholic School in Woodside until I was 8. After that my Mother decided it was time to go back to her roots. She bought 3 plane tickets direct to Dublin, Ireland. And voila. Here I am.
So yeah moved here around 2001. I love it. Don't get me wrong, The United States of America has my ultimate loyalty and allegiance..However Ireland...You have stolen my heart. 

I love fashion and music and all things pop culture! I am obsessed with buying clothes and cant actually stop. Obviously my friends are also EXTREMELY important to me. Like they are my fruit and vegetables. Sometimes I abuse and take them for granted. But I 100% need them at the end of the day.
So yeah. I think thats me so far. 

What am I leaving out?
Hmm lets see...Random type basics?
I have one brother. hes annoying.
I love the sunshine. Because it will never run out
I love fashion. :)
I think i have a borderline creepish type crush on Eavan Boland because her poetry is amazing and shes just one of a kind!
I believe that skittles really do enable you to taste the rainbow.
Kurt Cobain, in my eyes, was and still is one of the most amazing musicians of all time.
I'm addicted to coke. My 9th can in 4 days. Unnatural.
I love going to amazing and interesting new places. But I hate travelling esp on planes. I get sick everywhere.


Other than that, I don't know what else to say except...Please welcome me with open arms and embrace the blog-forsaken-love.
Back v soon with lots more to say.
Thanks for listening peoples..!
Ciao :) x

Friday, 22 April 2011

Your nothing without the ones that you love.

So I tried to write today and yesterday.
But I had a serious case of writer blocks.
Buts it nearly 2am.
and im just after some cigs and some soco and some nice time under the stars.
lovely.just lovely.

Staring at stars can make you dizzy.
Staring at stars can make you smile.
But most importantly.
Staring at stars makes you stop.and think
Who am I?
Where am I?
What am I doing?

I stared at the stars tonight.
With my bestfriend in toe.
And I realised something.
You can have all the money you can physically count.
You can have all the clothes that they'll sell you in River.
But nothing compares to the feeling when your with those special people. Literally. NO JOKE. Friends really are the most important thing in the world.
They are the thing in my life that I love most apart from my family of course.

There are lots of other things that are important like school.and success.and money.and etc etc etc.
But what are these things without your friends? I dont know...? When you finish college and get your degree...who do you celebrate with? When you go for you first job interview and mess it all up? Who do you go and piss yourself about it all with? When you win the lotto? Who are the first people you bring to IBIZA on the lash. Literally without them..whats the point? I don't see one. But whatever. Some people are different. All I know is I'm not in the right state to be fucking up my blog and hopefully I wont regret this post in the morning for its lack of proper punctuation etc!

I love you.
Cigs.Stars.And Soco.