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Thursday, 28 April 2011

First day at blog school...

 So...I'm the new kid in the class. Its my first day. And I'm nervous. My body language screams talk to me. And my lunchbox is Pokemon.I don't know my way around the blog cafeteria..Wanna show me around?

....OK! For realllzzz though! Where do I start?
My names Louise Casey.
I am 18 years old.
I was born on the 1st scorching day of July in Uptown Queens, New York @ approx 12.04am.
I went to St. Raphael's Catholic School in Woodside until I was 8. After that my Mother decided it was time to go back to her roots. She bought 3 plane tickets direct to Dublin, Ireland. And voila. Here I am.
So yeah moved here around 2001. I love it. Don't get me wrong, The United States of America has my ultimate loyalty and allegiance..However Ireland...You have stolen my heart. 

I love fashion and music and all things pop culture! I am obsessed with buying clothes and cant actually stop. Obviously my friends are also EXTREMELY important to me. Like they are my fruit and vegetables. Sometimes I abuse and take them for granted. But I 100% need them at the end of the day.
So yeah. I think thats me so far. 

What am I leaving out?
Hmm lets see...Random type basics?
I have one brother. hes annoying.
I love the sunshine. Because it will never run out
I love fashion. :)
I think i have a borderline creepish type crush on Eavan Boland because her poetry is amazing and shes just one of a kind!
I believe that skittles really do enable you to taste the rainbow.
Kurt Cobain, in my eyes, was and still is one of the most amazing musicians of all time.
I'm addicted to coke. My 9th can in 4 days. Unnatural.
I love going to amazing and interesting new places. But I hate travelling esp on planes. I get sick everywhere.


Other than that, I don't know what else to say except...Please welcome me with open arms and embrace the blog-forsaken-love.
Back v soon with lots more to say.
Thanks for listening peoples..!
Ciao :) x

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