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Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Young and the Restless.

So I'm really starting to understand what the lads who wrote the bible felt like way back when.
By no means am I comparing my blog to the bible..but Jesus I tell ya...after two or three posts...writers block kicks in and your just fucked. Like full on..I cant comprehend how John, Matthew and the other two lads just kept going..god knows how many posts they did back in A.D. like...:P

So yeah.
Easters over basically. 
3 days left and there you have it. 
I'm not gonna harp on about the you know what...its the bane of all of our 17/18 year old lives right now...and we all know where and when its taking place. But not to fear..Summers nearly here. :)
For real..time flies when your having fun.

Summers in approx 60-70ish days right?
So what are we gonna do to celebrate the beginning of the rest of our lives? How are we going to forget about results for the 3 long months that follow the awkward bitchfuck that is  the Leaving Certificate 2011? GO MAD. THAT'S WHAT. Only way to do it Boys ;) I'm telling ya! Seriously. Like do whatever pops into your head. We do deserve it after all..since were literally going to be suffering from this second forward until the end of June!

I dont know about your plans! But I'm kicking off Summer with a bang! Going to see Ke$ha and LMFAO with two of my bestfriends 3 days after I finish. That being said I will probably still be drunk from my last exam which bitchily enough is the 25th. Would'nt you only be delighted to be starting the 8th and finishing the 17th? Yeah so would I. Only I picked up religion this year. So yeah. The misery of finishing my German exam on the 17th and then having to wait for the last exam on the 25th. Life will go on anyways. I have solemnly vowed to my mother, that I am leaving the exam hall on the 25th of June @ approx 4pm with a can of Druids in one hand, and a scrunched up exam paper in the other. I'll be laughing all the way to the lake...unless Fr. Connell catches me with my can on school grounds in which case I'll be laughing all the way to the School Office. CAUSE I'LL BE FINISHED. Yaaaaaaay. 

So yeah kickoff starts with Summerjam @ the 02.
That should be amazing. Then after that, the first of July 2011 will be born and I will officially be 19 years old. Exactly a year away from 20. DISGUSTING. But we'll pass that bridge when we come to it. EW. 
Theres nothing wrong with being a mature student.. right you guys?

My 19th.
My 4th adventure to Punchestown Racecourse. :)
Oxegenation is vital in order to have an amazing summer , so go buy a ticket or I wont be your friend.
I can safely say that since it will be my first time EVER camping, that I am more excited and apprehensive than EVER before. The dirt will be discusting. The rain will make me sad. And the mud will be soul destroying. But I'll get over it. It's all about your musical experience. :) You gotta get down n' dirty! I have travelled to and fro' the last 3 years, every night, like a loser. But this year is the big one. Alex Turner and Chris Martin will be there, therefore I must commit to the god damn thing. Cannot wait to sing along to songs like Trouble..and Yellow..And Fix You. I love Coldplay. They're just one of those bands you could just listen to and feel anything. :)

So then yeah, I'll be 19. School will be done all over again. :) 

Exams will be in the Dept. of Education, being corrected by mangy correctors. Oxegen will have commenced and been experience by all of Mullingar and the rest of the country. And it will be July. Time for some mischief. I'm thinking some of us are heading to Galway and renting a house for a week! Life by the beach with 99's on hand! Who know's maybe we'll even shift a few bures when day turns to night. ;) 

After that Youi will officially be 18 and we will no longer have to worry about finding him ID. Which means we'll go crazy and live in Dublin for 2 weeks going out and getting severely amazingly rightfully painfully drunk every night. Then we'll get sick of it and go home like everybody else! Then I'm thinking a national adventure is on the cards....
London...???...Paris...???..or maybe even NYC take 2? A group of us will be travelling to a faraway land anyways thats for cert! The question remains..WHICH LAND? That had yet to be discussed. But it will happen. Watch this space.

After that its Debutantes time! 10th of August!
So far I have my dress and I know how I want my hair and makeup.
After that I need shoes, accessories..and most importantly..A date. I have three suitors in mind. :)Its only April..which is still kinda early days-ish! So yeah. We'll get a tonne of dressy pictures and we'll head Drogheda and be twischt for days! My date will be lovely and look really cute in pictures and it will be really awkward when we have to get pictures together with the parents staring at the two of us with dough eyes...But it will be a piece of cake. :) Cannot wait :)

Then Results the 18th.
Our lives really begin.
CAO will get clogged up and people will be getting unreal offers to colleges that they've aspired to go to for years right left and centre! Some people will be happy. Some people will be sad. But at the end of the day the leaving cert is the leaving cert. FUCK IT. If you think you can do better I reccommend repeat. Otherwise. Stick to your guns. I repeated and I can safely say that I do not have ONE single regret. Honestly. Hopefully in June things will work out for me. Eg. Eavan Boland will be on the paper and the Hamlet question will be piss easy!

So yeah.
After that, we'll no longer be the young and the restless guys...
We'll be in student accomadation in Dublin..Limerick and Galway. I would kill to be in UCD doing English or Journalism or something along those lines come October..but what will be will be. Everything happens for a reason. Worst case scenario..I'll be homeless and sponge off my besties couch in Bellgrove or Halls or wherever. :P

So yeah.
Leaving cert is commencing.
And then after that, were all the big bad world.
Dont know about you, but im counting down the seconds.
WOOOOO. :) Hope everybody worked hard over Easter and that they get their results in June. This entry is already far too long. Kinda boring too huh? Oh well...until next time. ;)PEACE.x 

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