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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Dreams & Wishes and ABC's.

Sometimes I wish we didn't have any responsibilities.
Or obligations.
Or hang-ups.
Or rules.
Or anything.
Except all the fun.
Zero negativity.
Then we'd always be smiling and laughing and having an amazing time.

We'd never fight.
We'd never run out of money.
We'd never break up.
We'd never get mad.
We'd never get sick or have to go to the hospital.
We'd never complain about the weather.
We'd never delete each others numbers.
We'd never hurt each others feelings.
Or call each other names.
Or ignore each other on the street.
The whole world would be friends on facebook.
And we'd all be a big green and blue planet of Love.

Instead of living by civil laws and moral code.
We could live in accordance with everything that makes us happy.
And we'd drink endorphins instead of water.
We'd all be on non-pharmaceutical highs.
We could live on a set of rules that aren't really rules.
But guidelines. Guidelines designed by ME.
Here's a lil sum'in sum'in I like to call 'THE ABC's'.
Read and weep suckers.

A - Adventures. &Alcohol.
What would life be without adventures. Whether it be to a faraway land, or to your local field for a few cans. Adventures are what the magic shit is made out of. The creator of my italian bmt combo. Alcohol is also an important aspect of the letter A...but not completely mandatory to have an amazing adventure. (See F)

B - Boys. Bargains. Brown eyes.&Birthdays. 
Okay. So boys speaks for itself. Cause they're lovely innit brav? A lil male company never hurt nobody..
Birthdays are so important. They are the one specific day we get to celebrate a specific person, and the fact that they're in our life. We get to smother them with H's...K's..L and P's. (See H..K..L..and P)
Brown eyes ties in with Boys. Brown eyes make me melt and I think that life would be a lil less beautiful without them. I have brown eyes and I wouldn't have it any other way. Although blue eyes are stunning too hunniii don't be getting it twisted. BARGAINS. Now these lil balls of amazing give you that special proud feeling. When your in Topshop. And you see that skirt that's been in since Christmas..dangling off the clothes hanger...with a red sticker saying 12e. That feeling when your running towards it wondering if anybody else can see it. The aura around it. Bargains are THEE BEST. Nothing better that feeling like you've found a lil piece of hidden and previously expensive looking treasure.

C - Creativity. Crushes.&Christmas.
Love it. Vibrant colours and textures and noises and blah blah blah. Creative people are usually the most interesting because not only do they have great ideas, but they are not afraid to express themselves. Crushes. That feeling you get when you like someone. And you notice all their lil habits and expressions. And you get all tingly and excited when you think about them. And their just cooler than L. Christmas is like nearly the happiest part of everybodys year. Apart from S obviously. But like yano that feeling..when your in town Christmas shopping. In your Christmas gear. And its snowing. And Wham come on the radion on the way home. LOVE. (See L.)

D - Dreams.
Where would we be without them. I think its safe to say that our lives would all be a little less interesting without our minds running riot without permission during the night. Dreams are our subconscious thoughts that we are too afraid to think about. That said sometimes they're a load of shite. But sometimes we dream about things we want but don't think we deserve/can achieve. (See M.)

E - Embarrassing.
Yeah. We all hate embarrassing moments, but their fun to look back on.
eg. That one time, when I was 8...and I was trying to teach myself to ride a bike without training wheels. And I fell. And completely creeled myself. And split my trousers completely open in the process. In a housing estate that I didn't live in. Lets just say the walk of shame was a close companion of mine back in the day. Not to mention a boy I actually liked was present at the scene of the crime. Mortified had never meant so much.

E is also for a very special person.
Love of my life... √©adaoin whelan.
We've got Summer plans. We're moving in together. :)
And we're the same person so don't get it twisted.
We always think the same things. And we like the same stuff.
And she's my boyfriend. k bye.

F - Friends&Family.
Couldn't live without 'em. Nuff' said.

G - God.&Good Grades.
Regardless of religion or how powerful your personal belief is, I believe we all need a spirit or special being to turn to in times of trouble/need. We need someone to look to for guidance when everything going wrong. For reassurance. For HELP. For a shoulder to cry on. So whether your Christian , Muslim, whatever. A guiding spirit to lend a helping hand. I think its essential in order to be happy. Good Grades are also a source of fulfillment and I think they all give us something to be proud about at the most random of times.

Hugs are just lovely. And honesty is one of my most prized posessions. Its by far the best policy and everybody really would be a bit happier if there was more of it in the world.

I - Intelligence.
I'm not talking about doing honours Math..or knowing the whole nerve system off by heart..or every German verb that there ever was. But like theres nothing worse than a total ditz whose acting skills are worse than Jessica Simpsons.##

J - July.
(See P.)

K - Kanye West.
808's and Heartbreaks - One of the best albums I have ever listened to.

L - Laziness. LADY GAGA. Lists. &Love.
Laziness because who doesn't love sitting around not having anything to do.
Shes amazing. And I think everybody knows. No need 4 an explanation.
Lists because they're really fun.
And love because theres nothing better. :) :P

M - Music. Makeup. Mitch&Memories.
Simply because it is a way of life. 
And makeup. Because it makes all us girls that little bit happier going to school in the morning. However I firmly believe there are some girls in Mullingar who nearly look better without it.
Hiya Clare and Eadaoin. :)
I love looking back on old memories.
Andrea Mitchell I don't need to say anything.

N - No.
I hate saying no to people but I wish I was better at it. :(

O - Saying oh my god. cause its actually really fun to say.

P - Pictures. Penny sweets. Penny's. The Park.
I love when you log into facebook and someone gorgeous has uploaded a million new pics of getting ready and out etc. :) Nothing better. Penny sweets speaks for itself. Ms. Maguires. McDermotts. Just legendary. Personally I'm a lover of fun cola bottles are like my thing. :)
Sorry but three quarters of my wardrobe is Penny's. And I'm proud. They're amazing. If it wasn't for their cheap and affordable fashion the country would be a less trendy and less fashionable place. ps. got an unreal top in there the other day on sale for a fiver like. CLOTHES MAKE ME SO HAPPY. :)
Park - Ultimate hang out spot in town these days. See everybody there after exams guys. :)


Q - Quality having the bantzz.
Nothing better.

R - Raunchiness.
No need for an explanation.

S - Sexy people. Straws. Saturday nights. Summer. Sales. Subway.
Sexy people just make your mind smile.
Straws because I can't drink out of a can without one.
SATURDAY NIGHTS because they're ALWAYS the best.
Summer is self explanatory. No school/exams/pressure. Good weather. Everybodys happier. Sales because they're just the best :) Esp when you find something and its dirt cheap for nothing. Subway because I could literally sit in their chowing down on pizza toasties and talking to my bezzers all day long. Pure chilled out. So long as the staff aren't being pure narky. :P

T - Truth. Thrift stores. Travel.
Nothing better. I would prefer the painful truth instead of a giant dose of bullshit ANY day of the week. That's a GAGA quote but it comes straight from my heart too. The average person tells 4 lies a day. Or 1460 a day. A total of 87,600 by the age of 60. The most common lies? 'I'm fine....I'm tired...I'm okay...I fell asleep..I'll start tomorrow.'
Thrift stores because their treasure chests of fun.
And travelling. Because I had one of the best weekends of my life in New York with one of my best friends over midterm. Check the pics babes. Best holiday of my life.

U - Unbelievable-ness.
Sorry the amount of amazing looking girls in this town is not right. I'd name and shame but it could get a bit cringy. Since I'm like the stalker of their lives. Just too bad that the girls by far outweigh the boys. I can think of about 3 or 4 guys who are even remotely attractive in this town. Can't wait to walk around Dubland and just stare and drool at the absolute talent that the streets are packed with.

V - Viagra.

W - I can't think of anything amazing that begins with W.
But those really cute amazing friendships you never expect to form with someone and its totally completely random but the next thing you know your absolute bezzers and its just unreal and you can't wait to spend Summer together. Hiya Lozza 'LSD' Dolan. Comin' park? ;)

X - x's.
cause they're fun sher.

Y - Yousif.
Because hes my best friend and one of the most amazing people like ever. Hes really special and my life wouldn't be the same without him. Just funny cause we fight all the time. But we always make up. Oct 5th durr beebz don't forget my anniversary present ;)

Z - Zzzz's.
Because sleep and being in bed is the best fun time like EVER.

ps. thanks for reading. that was way too long. k bye. :)

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