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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Free Therapy.

Some people really are amazing.
Doctors who save peoples lives everyday.
Teachers who educate people on things we take for granted, like reading and writing.
And Parents, who take care of us, and love us no matter what.
I could go on all day.
But other people are amazing too.
Like friends, who pick us up when were down.*

And rock stars, who write songs that make us feel something when we need it most.
And strangers, who give us directions in faraway places...or tell us the time!


While this is all very true.
At the end of the day, when we go home.
We're all alone.
There's nobody there to wipe the tears.
Or to get the tissues.
Or to convince us that everything is okay.
Its just you. Lone ranger. Flying solo.
Some people prefer it that way.
They like to be strong to other people...and do the soppy shit on their lonesome.
Personally I need someone to talk to when I'm sad...but I've found a technique that helps both species...whether your the girl who likes to cry alone..or the girl who likes to cry in groups. ;)

Firstly lets diagnose the main causes of these outbursts...which cause us to emotionally destroy ourselves.

1. School stress.
Personally, I've never cried about an exam or school stress because while I love getting a good grade and stuff...(who doesn't)....those kinds of things just wouldn't really make me sad. That said, loads of people get upset and frazzled over that shit which is understandable. For those of you who get upset over school shit...My Dad left school @ 11 years old. He didn't do his junior cert, nor did he go to any kind of University. And he still has a job to this day, and a reasonably good one at that! Don't know if that's comforting or not but just an FYI.

So I wrote that paragraph about a month ago.
And last night I bawled my eyes out about exam stress and absolute exhaustion and I can now completely empathise and understand it. It ruined my finishing exams night out. But fuck it. Still though. Fuck you exams. Fuck you.

2. Family shit.
I hate this one. Family shit is the worst cause when your upset with it , you still have to live in the house with those people. If your parents are fighting..or if your brothers being a dick...or if moneys a problem...or worst case scenario..if something detrimental has happened. Someone you love is gone. This effects everybody one way or another. I know whenever I fight with my mom in particular that it really gets me down. We don't fight that often but shit man when we do...I'm fucked. Just cant function. Hate it. with a passion.

3. Friends.
Okay. Now this is a sensitive one...Fights with friends are ALWAYS stupid...majority times these fights will inevitably be resolved...esp if it's with a close friend. If your fighting with someone your not close to then most likely it won't get resolved. This is kinda sad though..:( Because if you're not good enough friends to resolve then the hatchet will never get buried and there'll always be awkness and tension and so forth when you run into them at the corner shop. However, fights with close friends are the worst. Sometimes it needs to happen. Shit needs to be said. Sometimes you might be blowing shit out of proportion. Sometimes they might be being an asshole. Everybody has their moments and craic. Whatever. Everything happens for a reason and all that jazz. I dunno. They cause stress though but I guess if there wasn't a problem in the first place then you wouldn't be fighting. I hate fighting but then again I do it alot so like what the fuck am I on about. Truth be told, an argument is an argument. But at the end of the day, Who are we without our friends? Just kiss and makeup for goodness sake.

4. Money.
Lack of funds is such a buzz kill.
Ruins nearly any mood.
When you're just mad to go to the cinema. or a concert. 
Or retail therapy's in order..and Penny's have new stock and you're just mad for a good spree to brighten spirits. Such a pain being in this recession or depression or whatever the foooooook it is. I kinda feel like an idiot complaining about money when I turned down a marketing job that I was supposed to start next week. Like it was a job I guess. But it was gonna be SO INTENSE. Based on commission. Full time 6 days a week. Selling SKY digital. And like I've never had a job before and I just would've been a total exhausted mess after finishing my second leaving cert 3 days before I was due to start. Impossible. I feel really guilty not taking it but like. Ugh. Just the stress of it when I'm wrecked all the time as it is these days. Just wish I could get an easy job in Lidl or Centra or somewhere part-time but I guess that kinda stuff never happens anymore.

5. Weather.
Speaks for itself.
You live in Ireland y'know? ;)

6. Self-Image.
Big factor. If you're happy in life you project that.
Love yourself guys.
One of the easiest keys to happiness!
Quit munching on those donuts.

No more ice cream. No more chocolate. No more cake or pizza or anything of the sort. Kiwis and strawbs and smoothies here we come. And loads of bike rides up the Canal. Healthy mind and a healthy body is manditory for College.

So if more than 3 paragraphs of this apply to you,
call childline.
AH NO. Just lighten up.
Cry for a bit.
Watch a really sad movie.
Call your best friend.
Unleash your messy fucked up awkward bad horrible sick self destructive shite on your bff cause they'll surely know exactly what to say to cheer you right up. Talk to your mom about it. She's the smartest wisest and most honest woman in your life after all! Or even just any relation you feel you can trust, one who will tell you their honest opinion. Get that shit out, you'll feel so much better. Honestly. Nothing better than a good wholesome cry as well in fairness. When you think the walls are closing in, someone ALWAYS surprises you. You're mom. A sibling. Anybody. Someone makes you realise that there really is greener grass elsewhere. And that nothing is as bad as it feels at the time. That the cause or the person you were fighting against isn't actually worth the bother. Someones whose gonna upset you this bad obviously couldn't care less. Result? They're not good for you. So yeah. Whatever is bothering you, throw it away. I don't have ADHD, I just find it hard to concentrate. I am not bi-polar..everybody gets depressed sometimes. I don't have OCD. I just like things a certain way. And the fact that I have trouble sleeping does not make me an insomniac. So don't start diagnosing yourself.

Stop torturing yourself.
Just be happy.
Let go.
Listen to music.
Lie in bed.
Don't think.
Just be.
It's Summer time for a reason.

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