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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Last Chance Saloon.

Hallo. So if you're on FB right now and you're doing the LC then this really might encourage you to study. I hope so. Don't repeat when you don't have to guys. Seriously. GO STUDY. For the record I made this post last week I just never got around to posting it. But yeah..if you've opened this link that probs means your online and you should'nt be. GET OFF. But I hope this helps one way or another. :)
Please ignore it. Bit random to be going up on the blog but sure why now? I just want it here so that in a months time when I'm feeling sick thinking about results..I can look back and see what knew and what came up.
Now I'm defeating the purpose.
Studying the second I finish this post.
Here goes.


  • Boland. Know her better than I know my own Mom.
  • Hamlet. Know 3 essays off by heart. One on Soliloquy's..One on conflict between Claudius and Hammie...and then one on themes...
  • Comparitive? Haaaa...theme of isolation or else I'm fuckeddddd.
  • Obviously know stuff for unseen poetry and also lil bits for part As of paper 1 features of an effective speech etc.
That books unreal.


  • EU enlargement.
  • Rock Cycle.
  • Waterfall for irish landform.
  • Migration Irl/Poland.
  • Language and Culture in the Gaeltacht
  • Irl/Paris/Mezzo/SW USA.
  • Essay on Global warming better come up for global interdependance. 


  • Essay off about the state of this country! Plus debate fillers and open/closing.
  • Lig Sinn and An Bhean Og for Pros..
  • Dan do Mhelissa..An Mathair..Gealt..and Jack inside out.
  • Fucked for S na G so lets not talk about it!
  • Do atleast one hour of listening the morning of your exam.
  • Heres a really good website for sample answer stuff.


  • Unreal letter opening and closing.
  • Essay fillers for Ausserung zum Thema.
  • Do atleast 4 reading comps the day before your exam and have a dictionary obvs.
  • Do atleast 1 hour of listening the day of your exam.
  • Know atleast 5 idioms.
  • Obvs general vocab for topics like economy/school/computer/hobbies/internet/politics/enviroment.
  • If you know 5 good sentences for each of those topics thats prob loads.

Know all case studies so that if worst comes to worst and all the questions are hard and sick that you will at least be able to bullshit because every year each section must produce one case study question. Eg. in the Irl section there has to be a question about the treaty.

  • So know Jarrow March....Nuremberg Trials...Stalins Show Trials..Montgomery Bus Boycott...Coleraine University Crisis..Anglo Irish Treaty...etc etc etc

Heres a brilliant website for sample essays and handouts!


  • Socrates/Plato/Philosophy for Section A.
  • Section B - Meh.
  • Section D. Morality. UNREAL. Everything. I LOVE IT.
  • Religion and Gender - Not a big section..just know a lot of facts about a different religion and be able to contrast the roles of men and women in each religion beside each other.

So yeah.
Thats my Leaving Cert checklist which I have put here so that everytime that I am not studying and I go on to my blog, I will be riddled with a checklist of everything I know and should be constantly looking over. This will then instantly make me feel guilty and I'll be off back studying in a shot! PLEASE GOD.
Hope this was helpful!S

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