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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Life update: 29th of August 2011 @ approx 2am.

Okay so really quick update cause I'm going to France in 2 hours with one of my best friends. :)
(Touch wood I'm not jinxing myself.)

I'm really happy.
I'm going to College in 7 days, doing a course I cannot wait to begin to enjoy.
I have had the best Summer ever. In all my 19 years, this has defo been THEE one.
I'm moving to Dublin. And I'm going to have room mates.!!!
And just I have amazing friends and family. You know who you are.
Seriously. I'm so lucky. There's only really 4 things I want right now.

Firstly, I would like to follow in the footsteps of my beautiful best friend, and buy myself a pair of Doc Martens. Can't choose between the pine green color, the maroon purple, or the patent black. I'll decide soon enough..Thoughts??? 

Secondly, I really wanna get fit and in shape.
I'm gonna do it. These things take time. 
Seriously. 6 months. Size 12. Fingers crossed.
I can do it. :)

Thirdly, I NEED A JOB.***

But fuck it.
Life is seriously great right now, so if I don't get any of those things, it won't really really matter.
I have amazing friends and family, my health, and everything else a girl could wish for.
I love my life. I'm moving to Dublin for a nice big healthy change and I'm starting College where I'll make loads of new beautiful friends. PLEASE GOD.

I still haven't packed.
Must dash.
Thanks for reading.

Monday, 22 August 2011

The Final Hurdle.

Its 7.15pm on the 21st of August. 2011.
Accomplishments? 2 leaving certs all in a row.
Life Achievements? Yet to be decided by the wonderful people in the CAO offices of Galway city.
Mood? Hiya shitting the biggest most massivest sickest bitch tonne of bricks you've ever laid eyes on.
So obvz I got my LC results on Tuesday or whenever it was and YOP I got enough for my number one choice..English in UCD. :) Now all I can do is wait until 6am tomorrow morning to see how my fate has been decided. For now I'm just another one of the thousands of sitting ducks in the country counting down the minutes until CAO hands us the keys to the locked safe that is our future. Where will it be? UCD? DIT? DCU? NUIG? NUIM? IADT? NCAD? Who the fuck knows?

All I know is I need to be in the Capital city, that's where it's at for me.
I wanna be in UCD student accomadation, living the irish prosperous student life.
With a fiver in my pocket, a smile on my face, a ticket for the bus and my earphones blaring.
I can't wait to sit on the bus and stare out the window at the people walking everywhere around Dublin.
I can't to dress like a crazy college go-er with my preppy chinos and my hair slicked back ;)
I can't wait to decorate my dorm room and be a total loser and always refuse to not call in dorm but I'm american.:)
I'm gonna be one of those really uncool college girls who rents a bike for 3e in the city and just cycles around staring everywhere. Not because it's a new place or because I'm unfamiliar with it, far from it.
Just because it's going to hopefully be my new home.
I wanna soak in all my new surroundings and embrace 'em.
The dodgy homeless guys who sleeps near my local shop.
The annoying foreigners selling 'THE BIG ISSUE' on my route to college.
Or the pervy busdriver who awkwardly stares my chest everytime I get on the bus.

Hopefully in a few short hours I won't feel like an absolute tool when I don't get what I want.
Hopefully I will get what I want...I have like 40 spare points more than I need so if I don't and my course goes way up high in the sky then I can personally guarantee that I will be back here same time tomorrow night blogging and crying about how I don't know what went wrong and blah blah blah. Anyways back to being an absolute optimist.
I can't wait to not have the 2.20 or whatever price it is to get the bus home because I spent all my money on 2e shots.
I can't wait to hitch a ride with a car full of foreigners all the way to UCD with my room-mates after a long and awkward conversation on our means of paying back the favor, only to realise we've all forgotten our keys somewhere madt ;) I can't wait to lose my jacket in a nightclub and cry because it really was my favorite jacket. I even can't wait to join the Campus Gym. And for there to be no good food in the cupboards.
UGH. Seriously. Even talking about all these awkward and unforch kinda mishaps it just completely sends me into a drowning spin of excitement.

I really hope my room mates are fun.
I hope there's only whose always drunk.
And one whose really gay.
And one who never stops smoking.
And then a bookworm who reads all the time and always cleans up after everyone.
I hope our apartment is like being on the set of FRIENDS.
Not that I want a Ross-Rachel thingy blooming in our humble abode since obvz that just wouldn't be good for hoursekeeping. Two lovers in the one apartment. I just wanna get on really well with my roomies and worship the UCD eluding ground they all walk on. I want them to like me and not be completely repulsed by my annoying habit of drinking the last dash of cranberry juice left in the carton. Or hate me for ALWAYS forgetting to lock the door. Or for just being the moose that I generally am. I really hope we grow to be besties. I also hope that I grow closer to all the other people in my English and German lectures. I want to join every random society there is and I want to go on holiday with a big bunch of legends from the knitting society or something. I want to bond with my current friends room mates so that one day we can be one big happy UCD family and we can go shopping and to the zoo and just generally be really happy and fun and fashionable. I also hope that I can keep up with fashion while at college since I'm going to be an ultimate nerd doing my homework ALL THE TIME EVERY WAKING NIGHT. However I solemnly sware never to miss a party in my vacinity. Just wouldn't be good first year college going person behaviour. Can't be breaking those kinda moulds.
I can't wait to be in my room unpacking, being all awkward and desperately wanting to scream in a geordie accent...''Day 1 in the big UCD house.'' :)
So excited to make friends and live life and stay out all night and never have money.
I'll buy all my clothes in Oxfam and I'll share crumbs of food with beggars who oblige me.
I can't wait to always be on the luas with my besties.
And to late for every lecture I ever step foot in.
And to complain about the 4 essays that are due in a few hours that I haven't even started yet.
Or to just be in college.and have a college card. and be like FUCKYOULEAVINGCERTFUCKYOU.'

So yeah.
It's now 1.44 in the AM.
I'm hopefully going to know the brief in just a few minutes over 5 hours.
Wish me luck.
Lift is about to begin. (fingers crossed)
Goodbye Mullingar.
Here I fucking come.

New laptop and New College Wardrobe HERE I COME.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Life is for living.

So. Todays blog topic?
Everybody experiences 'em in one way or another.
Black people.
White people.
Gay people.
Straight people.
Holy people.
Spiritual people.
Heck, even annoying people experience different milestones.
As derived from the Lion's all part of the Circle of Life.

So what are the most obvious milestones these days? 
Awkward things like Holy Communion...Confirmation...the first time you ride your bike without training wheels..(which in my case took a bit longer than others...13 years old with training wheels on my bike or stabilizers or whatever the fuck they're called in this country...I'M COOL.)...the usuals. Those aren't the milestones I'm talking about though. I'm talking about the more X-rated kinda ones. Like the first time you got high. Or the first time you stole something. You're first OTT shift against the wall in the Arts Center? First time you got twisted and abusive and hilarious and fell everywhere and everyone told you that you were a legend. Like the buzz and the memories and the bad decision making. It might not be the best idea at the time, but the best stories are results of bad decisions. So enjoy being young and foolish please. Make a few stories to tell the grand-kids.

Tell me you've done drugs already please?
For gods sake..if it's not out of your system at this stage please get it over with.
It's totally not what you expect.
I pictured Wayne & Garth at Woodstock high off their faces
Totally not how it goes.
Seriously though...if you need some weed throw me a numbers 087921.... House calls included.
LOL. Awh no but like I'm not promoting..just saying if ya haven't done it you should tick it off your list so that you don't go mental and get addicted when you're like 45 married with kids having a mid-life crisis...I don't know. Please don't kill me for saying people should try drugs. Personally I don't get the fascination..most people I know do it or started because of peer pressure which is sad but shit happens. End of the day, life is for experiencing. JUST DO IT. Nike really should be giving me some sort of sponsorship or contract...
By the way I BY NO MEANS think doing drugs is cool. It's not. What's cool about being addicted to pharmaceuticals and having to be in a rehab? Nada. Just saying that like everyone's gonna have the opp at some point so you might as well get it over with. Such an awkward opening paragraph. :P

Okay so that's the awkward one out of the way...:)
What about the last time you shoplifted?
Okay so the more I write, the more I realise that not only do I sound like a terrible person, but also I really and truly could be like prosecuted in court for this entry. Proper incriminating shit right writing and all.
But anyways..yeah..Texas Mullingar. Seriously that place used to have wanted posters up at one point right on the windows of the main door. Remember the days? Personally I've only proper taken something from a well known pink girls shop in Harbour Place...back in the dark and desperate days where a sick bangle would set you back a tenner and pink hair extensions were the next big thing. And yes. I bought them.
However there's one thing I'm an absolute divil knacker for. I like to call So you go into your fave shop in Dubland..the amazing one with all the high fashion shit? Its a top shop if ya get me...I really did just make that joke. But yeah, you go into that shop. And there's all these amazing shapes and colors and textures and you're just in absolute awe before you've even made it to the second floor. You're walking along with your iPod in..soaking in all the amazing and overpriced but completely worthy fashion garments. Cobalt blue bodycon. 22E. CHECK. Burgundy Chiffon gold button shirt.36E. All fair amounts of cash in exchange for such beautiful items of clothing. But then it happens. You're weak at the knees. Your feeling slightly dizzy and you're gasping for more. Time to come up for air. You stare for a second and pinch yourself. It's not a dream so you grab the most beautiful black waistcoat you've ever seen off the dazzling black hanger and try it on. They've got your size and it fits PERFECTLY. Glove fitting kinda thaaang. The gold gleaming embellishments on the shoulders make you nervous. The craftmenship and the draping of the back. Just a beaut. It fits. It's amaze. You're in love. It's officially purchasing time. Until you glance at the price tag. 96 FUCKING EURO FOR A POCKET-SIZED, MADE IN INDIA PIECE OF HEAVEN? .............I want it. But fucking hell, that'd keep at least 10 average sized families in Africa alive at 7 pounds a month if we're really gonna take what Trocáire are saying seriously. It's too much money.
So what to do..?
Leave it there and weep about it for the whole train ride home while sobbing to sappy snow patrol ballads?
Or snake a blue sale sticker for 12e and chance your arm at the till with the youngest newest and most nervous-est looking member of staff and run the fuck outta there?

You've made it. 
You're on the train home, waistcoat intact.
MADE MY YEAR. And I even had the cheek to ask for student discount.
Hiya Kate Moss embellished black and gold waistcoat priced at 96e and bought by ME for 9.60e.
An exact tenth of the price. LOL.

Another milestone.?
The first time karma comes back and gives you the best shift of your life.
After all those miserable nights of being the girl who lost her purse...
You're finally the girl who found a browny/gold 50e note in the toilets.
It's you're time to shine. Put it in you're purse and run. Somebody did it to you so fuck it.
Karma happens for a reason bitchezzzzzzz. Okay I'll tell the truth. If anyone I knew/was friends with lost the money I'd give it back in a heartbeat for the obvious reasons. Otherwise? Fair game. It happens to all of us so we deserve a break every once in a while. How often do you find a 50e note anywhere anyways? I never have. And I think it's about time I did considering I lost age student sub card..EVERYTHING. All at Oxegen on Day 1. Depression but still an AMAZING weekend. 

What about the first time your watched an R-rated DVD?
In English, that translates as like watching an 18's film when you're like 12.
In America, those movies are just called R-rated.
The funny excited naughty feeling you felt waiting in the car while Mam went in and rented it outta Xtravision for ya. The awkward moment when you're parents walk into the room just as two people start having sex or shifting or doing something ridic awkward and you're just dying for the floor to open up and swallow you. And of course the minute the rents leave...not a sign of shifting for the rest of the movie. TYPICAL SHER.

Dya remember that time you shifted the bure in the bike shed?
And you knew the cameras were watching?
And yee were getting pure raunch with it?
And then you got called into the Principals Office...not because you were shifting. 
But because some lads bike went missing while the two of yee were in there and he needs it to get home. To make matters worse? Your Principal has video footage. And he's a priest.  Awkwardest milestone of your life. :)

Another awkward milestone?

That time when you bought the top your friend told you she wanted to buy.
And you just can't help it cause it's just such an unreal top and too cheap to turn down. 
And like UGH you just can't help it but you know it's gonna be super awk and blatant and obvz. DIE. Worse when their size isn't in stock but yours is and you've got the dosh and everything but they saw it first. DIE. DIE. DIE. Hate it. Hahaha. Funny though..

What about the first time you smoked a cigarette?
Hiya I was 18 and my mother and best friend literally forced it down my neck all at once.
PRESSURE MUCH? No but you know what I mean..the really awk moment when you have your first fag in front of a few cool kids and you're shitting yourself that you're breathing/smoking/inhaling blah blah blah doing it wrong. And you just wish it would finish really quickly so you can stop fidgeting with it in your mouth. And it tastes DISGUSTING.

The first time you were honest with the bitch in your class.
The first time you told her to fuck herself and quit stealing all your pencils. 
The first time she actually fucked herself and got the hint. :D

Or even the first down you lay in front of the stars at approx midnight with your best friend, a naggon, a box of fags and the stars staring back at you. Wasn't that beaut?
(I love my life.)

Even just when you wear a really out-there, different , incredible , funky outfit that nobody else likes. 

Other unreal milestones include being so wasted that you start talking the biggest load of shit to the employees of Abra Mullingar about Penguins and Polar bears and the like all coming back to haunt us after Global warmings finito and they survive to tell the tale.
Or when you like a boy and you tell him out loud. CRINGE.
Or when you get into a nightclub for the first time with a fake ID.

Or better. When you get into a nightclub....with YOUR REAL ID.
The first time you order a shot. Or down it thereafter.
The first time you meet a special boys parents or he takes you out for a meal and holds the door open for you. 
The first time you ride a motorcycle with a sexy ride by the name of Justin Bobby.
The first time you shift someone of the same sex. *
The first time you fall flat on your face after too much drink and not enough dancing in a huge packed nightclub.
The first time a stranger pokes you on facebook.
The first time you get your first pay cheque from a full weeks solid work.

Milestones are bitchy sometimes too.
Like the first time the boy you're obsessed with makes you feel like shit.
The first time you say something stupid. And he just stares.points.and laughs.
The first time you have a fight with that one friend you never fight with.
The first time you get refused from a nightclub because some pricks on the door.
The first time you get twisted and fucked in New York and you get sick everywhere and you had a chinese the few hours before.
The first time your best friend gets sick in New York after too much drink..her first fag..and a chinese takeaway......and you have to clean up her sick while she stares at you half asleep and smelling of puke. 

Or ugly.
They make for good storytelling and whats the point of life if it's not full of random amazing exciting invigorating experiences and laughs and giggles and loves and hates.
Life's for living so JUST FUCKING DO IT YEAH BBZ?
Yeah. :) Stop being a lurch and not going for it.
Be the crazy fuck you wanna be and bounce onto the wild side of life. The grass is most defo greener over here and we're all smiley and friendly and happy here too :)
See you on the other side sexcee'zzzzzzzzzz.