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Friday, 23 September 2011

I love my Mom.

No matter what happens.
No matter how much I bitch.
Or ask for money.
Or use her credit card.
Or don't do my homework.
Or how much makeup I wear.
Or how annoying I am.
Or how fast I talk.
Or how much I eat.
Or which boy I kiss.
Or how stupid I act.
No matter what. 
My Mom is ALWAYS there for me.

When things are getting too stressful at school. 

Or when stuffs really haywire with a friend.

Or when I just need time away from every other thing going on right now.

Mom is just a phonecall away.
(cringe at myself saying KAPOWEE.)

She's the only person I know will always be there for me.
The only person I know will always tell me when I'm acting the bollix.
The only person who'll always listen and tell the truth.
Or when I'm in the wrong or being stupid or stubborn.
The only one who will stand up for me and be on my side no matter what.
The one who I would take a bullet for.
The one who I constantly laugh at.
The one who wouldn't have a clue what a blog is if it hit her in the face.
So yeah..I would say HI MOM but she's DEFO not reading this.
My Mom is the only person who will cook me a fry with my favorite strawberry pancakes the day after we have a fight. She's the only one who'll tell when my bum looks way too big in that dress. And she's the only one who I miss every single day when I'm in College. My Mom is my hero. And I'm 100% proud to say that. Because she's my Mom and I love her. 

ps. I'm a dork. HI MOM.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

watermelon cake.

Facebook is so annoying.
Why am I still on it?
We login.
Check our notifications.
Poke a few randoms back.
Go to the homepage.
Do the ''have a wonderful birthday'' ritual.
Go back to the homepage.
Change from ''top news'' to ''most recent''.
Scroll down. like shit.
Think I'm gonna delete my account.

In other news fellow earthlings, College is going swimmingly. Mornings are early unforch but I'll get over it. Germans my fave so far..English is proving to be pretty intense and it's only week one like. Reading 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens...supposed to have it done up to Ch30 by Friday. Good luck to me! Alice in Wonderland and Jane Eyre are on the syllabus too so I'm nerdy and dorky and kinda excited. LOSER. Sociology and Psychology are a bit more boring right now but I'm gonna give em a chance. Anyways. So yeah. That's craic with me in Belfield.

In other life updates...I have yet to buy a pair of docs but hopefully daddy'll be in a generous mood tmo on the drive back to UCD.
Freshers wk and Arthur Guinness day here we come. 
Making lots of lovely friends slowly but surely.
Also the CV is typed up so pray that Niamh and I get a job in Topshop/Pennys and get an amazing discount please and have big full bank accounts and just are generally happy college working girls.

Reunion tonight with Eadaoin and loads of other Mgar peeps at a big party out the country. 
Rural bantzz will be had. EXCIRA. yeah...feast your eyes on these lovely pixxxxxxxxxx. :)


Sunday, 4 September 2011

Don't you just love when you're friends are like really amazingly ridiculously goodlooking and stuff.

 I have really hot good looking amazing hilarious best friends who just happen to be flawless in every picture ever taken ever ever ever.
Welcome to Louisessxchunzo'zandstunzo'

 Mitch. I LOVE YOU.

 Youi does sxc hair. ;)


On our way to twisted city.

Twisted city we have arrived.

OKAY so I know I already said I love her. But seriously. ANDREA. mwa X

Just a few of my BFF's.


Models and amazing people and just BLAH.


MORE mwa mwa'zzzzz.

Desperate times called for desperate measures and Michael the taxi driver waits for nobody.


aww :)

...the end.