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Saturday, 1 October 2011

I'm going to send you to outer space.

I have officially decided that the next time I have money, I am  ordering a pair of GALAXY LEGGINGS. They will 100% make me the happiest gurrll in d'world. ;)

SOZ but are they not the most amazing pieces of lycra you have ever seen in your entire life. ZUM-zum-ZUM.

I got an amazing new blazer, leather panel leggings, chiffon shirt, and necklace. ALL COURTESY OF ASOS. <3
Check it out. :)

College is super lovely thesedays. Just hard getting into the swing of the online homework system and managing everything at once without constant reminders etc. Livin' the life, lovin' the music. Speaking of music....Rihanna Monday :) CANNOT WAIT. :) ##
 Thanks for reading my half arsed entry again this week. When I get my laptop back I'll do a proper entry for anyone who cares. 

Goodnight sexy babies. MWA. :)

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