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Monday, 14 November 2011


just a post to say how much I love cute nights with my bestfriend where we work together as a team to make the sexiest enchilladas ever known to man.
Both first timers to the enchillada fad thats spreading round campus, courtesy of Centra UCD.
Okay, so they were a little too spice for us. We can handle the heat.
loveyou x

Friday, 4 November 2011

It's been a while since I last wrote....Hiya catchup.

Hey blog.... 
It's me.
Long time no talk.
Here I am...sick at home...away from College...crawling back to you with my tail between my legs.
Shambolic really. Please don't make me beg for forgiveness. I know it's been months since I graced you with an actual post that doesn't just entail of pictures, or a 60 second run through of my life at present. I'm here now though. So please accept that as some sort of bittersweet but always sincere apology. I'm suffering from a severe case of tonsilitis but the pills are working and I'm on the mend so stop worrying already.

So yeah. Apart from me being sick..I'm great as you kind of already know. I've made lots of lovely friends in UCD. And I've missed loads of homework assignments. And I've stayed awake til 4 doing essays. And I've missed tutorials and blah blah blah. Living the ultimate dosser college going life. Loving the music and dramzz that follow also. :) Living in such big city is so mental. It's mad. Here's an example of the contrast between living in the wonderful place that is Mullingurrrrrr...and living in the big fat schmoke that is Dublin.

On any typical day in Mullingar, if I was to walk into town, there's not one chance I would not run into someone I know. I am not saying that I know way too many people blah blah..I'm saying that there's so many people here...and it's such a small place. Which makes it even harder to be hungover and not feel mortified and ashamed when you head in with no makeup and your hair stuck to the back of your hoody for the long awaited McDonalds Quarter pounder meal to brighten spirits. Whereas in Dublin, I know I could waddle into town on the 39a bus...walk around Dublin for like 5 hours or something...and not run into one person I know. CRAZY. Yeah. I love it though. At times it can be presumptuous and impersonal, but as long as your friendly and happy and up for a laugh you can make loads of funky new friends.  

So what else is going on.
Well...let's not act like strangers know me...I'm a needy motherfucker. Some might call it demanding. I'd just say..thoughtful.
There's loads of things I want right now...way too many for me to just list off in some random paragraph. Here's a list. Appreciate the thought I put into this by the way, please. :)

The 'things I need list:

1) ...Loads of new clothes.
ASOS is literally one of my daily ritual check-ups @ this stage. There's over 300e worth of shit in my saved items list right now. From fringed leather jackets to gold metallic skirts to electric shine leggings to ear cuffs. 

My name is Louise Casey and I'm a shopaholic....


2) A Job.
Applied to Pennys and Topshop and a few other places.
They're like that boy who always says he'll call.
Do you think they called?

3) An endless supply of cashflow that lasts until I die/infinity.
That way I don't need a job or to work. And I can just pay for everybodys drinks. And a car. and driving lessons. and some new clothes ALL THE TIME. And everything will be amazing all the time.

4) A diet that I can stick to.
Somebody put a lock on the fridge please.

5) A new and solid love interest.
A boy with a motorbike.
And a leather jacket.
And lots and lots of mommy issues.

6) To bring my dog to live with me in UCD.
To cuddle when my new and solid James Dean runs away, with somebody else on the back of his motorcycle.

7) For the people I never see anymore to move to Glenomena, UCD.

8) A change of heart about my work ethic since I started college.
For goodness sake. And stop looking at random pictures of random things instead of doing my literature and context hw ALL THE TIME.

9) Blue Creepers.
At first, I refused to jump or run or do anything near the Creeper bandwagon.
However, Yousif has talked me around the subject and I'm officially embracing the beauty that are creepers.

10) Christmas to be here.
So I can be home and not feel like I'm missing out.
So I can properly catch up with all the crazy Mullingar people I only see on the weekends.
So I can curl up by the fire with the twilight series and a cuppa hot choc and feel like the biggest cliché in country. So I can eat Christmas dinner with Mom and Dad and Al and Penny. So I can just  be happy it's christmas and get one or two of the things on this list from under the tree. Fingers crossed for my creepers and new threads.

Plus I'm gagging for a snowfight.
Double plus at Christmas, you get everything on your wishlist. ;)




New York.?

I don't know.
But my bags packed.
Can we go now?

So yeah.
Not asking for that much at all.
:) Anyways. I've got Shakespeare worksheets to do.
Nice having this chat.
Lots of love and until next time,