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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A conversation with myself.

Haven't talked to you properly in a while..
Hows the fucks yer life?

My life right now.
It's crazy and fast pace and sparkly and beautiful.
I'm cooking my own food all the time..watching how I spend my my own clothes blah blah blah. It's a genuine miracle that I am still in one piece.
I'm moving in the right direction. & I'm on the fast track to self discovery.
Things are changing. The good and the bad. The bads dissolving in the fumes of the city, while the good is always getting better. The more people I meet, the bigger our UCD family grows. Every night, I get the elevator down from Apt 5 to my Apt, Apt 1...(for you non-UCD-erzz reading.) I go to bed with pains in my stomach from all the laughing we do. Right now there seems to be a Mullingar-Mayo merge of families going on...literally our whole group is infested with legends from either county. An odd wanderer from the Donegal direction...Tipp makes an odd appearance too from time to time. Can't forget Wex ;) Such a splendid mix of geographical landscape we've got in our family. If we were to do a roadtrip of all our hometowns, we'd have a long trip ahead of us. We'd head to Donegal first, hit Primark hard with the aul ££££££££. Then we'd make our way to Croagh Patrick. Give it a climb or 5. Sure Mgar'd be next on the list. Hook the crew up with a few pics @ the Joe Dolan statue. Sure what more could ya want....seen as that is our only claim to fame......apart from the fifth member of One Direction...and the shoutout in that choon about honda civickzzzz.

For any LC's reading, please don't get mad...
Actually if you're stressing over the LC right now, keep reading.
I figure if I rub College in enough, it'll motivate you to get your ass into gear. STUDY TO FUCK.
College is so wonderful. It's so nice to be in such a new, scary and ever-changing place. It has all kinds of lovely and friendly people. And at this point in time...I'm having trouble remembering what it is that I used to do before I started. Don't get me wrong, there are times when I actually miss Mullingar..and walking into town, seeing all the same people and heading into Pennys for the gander. But like I don't even know how I used to cope with living with my parents. I only live in Mullingar 2 days a week as of late...and that's enough as far as I'm concerned. The minute I'm home, there's a wash that needs doing...or a dog who needs walking...or a never ending list of chores left for me. Srsly. Please work your arse off. It's so worth it. Not even for the whole degree thing however bad that sounds...just for the life experience. (It's my blog-ological duty to encourage those reading to get a degree, esp in the volcanic financial mess we're in...she's gonna blow any minute..) So yeah. GET TO COLLEGE. Galway, Dublin, Cork, Cavan, Sligo. Wherever your hearts at. DO IT. Living in a faraway place really changes you, for the better, in my opinion. :)

It's not even just about the new people you meet. It's about the independence of it all. Knowing you're going home to your own apartment by yourself, where parents aren't there to clean up your mess the morning after. It's about making your own decisions, and knowing what's right for you. It's all about your experience really! That's my take on the whole thing anyways. Responsibility and all that craic. Like taking out my own trash was so weird at the beginning. And always having to wash up every dish or glass that you use. Only in college can you truly appreciate everything that your parents really do for you. Love you Mom and Dad. ;)

So yeah.
It's lovely having a humble abode to come home to in the big schmoooke.
I love going into town with my ipod..embracing all the lovely clothes shops..and all the fashionable people...and the culture...and the hagglers selling 'bananas and grapes fer a powww-end' on Jervis St. I hear Galways beautiful too. I have yet to experience the place, but I'm sure I'll be able to tick it off the 'to-do' list before the year is out. Actually. That statement is defo not true since there's like less that 20 days left in 2011. NEW YEARS IS NEAR. YAY. I'll have a diff blog post done before then..but like AHH 2012. I excite.
this was  boring post. 
I just felt obliged to write since I haven't in a while. 
Pretty blog coming before the new year though so look forward to it PLEASE.

lots of love,
me x

ps. check out all the beautiful pics below.
I would make love to each and every garment featured if it was physically and financially possible. But it's not. Cries*
Bye byessssssss.


  1. Seriously I'm in love with your blog <3
    You Know You Love Fashion
    Virginie Savage