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Thursday, 29 December 2011


You'll fail a math test once in your life. Your teacher will then assign you a completely new seat away from your friends. Nobody keeps their middle school friends forever. You'll randomly bond with the girl in the corner of the class that nobody ever talks to. You'll start to realise you're not the same as everybody else anymore. You're you. Your parents will assign you to your room when you do illegal things. You're gonna get drunk and say something to somebody that you'll forever regret. You're going to cry over boys names who you'll have forgotten about weeks later. You're going to call your friends names behind their backs when they make you mad, and they're going to do the same to you. You're going to be on your own every once in a while..and for some time that will make you really sad. Your opinions of people will change when you get to know them properly. It's natural. Everybody changes. It's okay. You're going to hold someones hair back at 3am on a Saturday morning. You're going to find a book in english class that you will actually read. And fall in love with and be a dork about. People are going to make fun of some of the music you like. And other people are going to like it just the same. You're never going to finish all your homework. You're going to cry and maybe, just maybe need a hug from your Mom. You're going to bullshit every college essay you write and pray to Jesus that it sounds like you know exactly what you're supposed to be talking about. You're going to get lost in a neighbourhood you don't know and you're going to walk around till you find where you're going. You're going to sing sappy teenage ballads all alone in your room when nobody else is home. You're going to dream of finally getting out of this town. And you're going to miss it when you leave. You're going to take pictures that you will blush about in later life. You're going to get whistled at, cheated on, yelled at, ditched by your friends, laughed at and played by boys/girls. You're going to fall in and out of love, and one day, you will actually come to realize what the word actually means. 
LIFE. enjoy the ride.

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