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Sunday, 29 January 2012

10 things that I love in the world...

Dearest blog,

                       Hi. So yeah. Long time no see. Been a while since I last wrote, huh? Yeah. Sorry about that. know how it is. Busy failing my English Coming of Age Narratives module and being sick with a flu and craic. The ussshhh. But I'm here now as you can see and, no surprise, I've got something to complain about. As if my exam result didn't annoy me enough, the weathers shit, I have to somehow tell my parents that they have to give UCD money because I failed an exam that I should have passed but didn't because of my own legendary stupidity. And also I have 11 euro in my bank account for the next 3 days. 
LOVING LIFE yaaaappppp. The microwaves being a cint not working as well and on top of that my milks gone off. Centra's closed til 12 tomorrow. Bawling over here in Glenomena Student Residences.

Now I know what you're thinking blog.
Here she goes all over again.
Chronic complainer numero eins up in hurrrrr.
About to start yapping on about how the world is so mean and how the grass should not be green and just how everythings shit and stuff.

While the things mentioned above might be super annoying for me right now...
*RECAP..Failed an exam..I'm sick..Microz not working and my milkz blue*
I am going to be the ultimate optimist right now and look at all the non-shit things that I love in the world and appreciate them for the amazing and intrinsical phenomena that they really are.
You might think the things that I love are shit, and that's a fairly valid point in why you should stop reading immediately.. But don't. Who knows? Maybe I'll open your eyes to something you've never truly appreciated and then we can wallow in a glimmering pool of awe together. That's not a promise but I don't really care if you stop reading right now because either way, I'm writing this post. 
ps. I promise to stop saying shit like "glimmering pool of awe" right now.
Cheesefest but DON'T HATE.

So here goes.
A list of things that make my world a happier place.
Maybe you'll agree..
Maybe you won't.
Oh goes.

omg. I'd die. Imagine a world without beautiful clothes and colours and accessories and patterns and textiles and just gah omg it would be an empty, boring, black and white world. Fashion is one of my genuine passions and I don't know what I do to cheer myself up if I didn't have the option of retail therapy for every time something really horrible happened. Think about it. Imagine we all wore black and white uniforms, not just to school or to work, but to life. Everywhere we go. Black and white overalls to church. Black and white overalls out to town. Black and white overalls to the corner shop for bread. Black and white overalls to our birthday parties. Black and white overalls to bed. EW. We'd all look the same and there would be a serious lack of individuality in our lives. No jewellery or nail polish or hair dye or make up or anything. Imagine. Literally sounds like a different world to planet earth. Not one that I'd wanna live on either. Some people don't really care for clothes or fashion and that's totally cool, but for those who do, it's a pretty fun part of personality. Fashion allows you to reflect your likes and your persona. The clothes you wear are the portrait that you are trying to project to other people. Fashion can also attract people to you and vice versa, before personality. I could go on for hours as you can probably tell, but I'm going to stop because I know I'm boring you.
So yeah. Fashion I love you and thank you for your permanent and ever changing existence.


Take a minute.
Close your eyes.

Think about the last time you were talking to 3 or 4 of you're friends all at once. Seperate conversations, private all the same. Some maybe in depth. Some maybe light hearted? Where was it? Face to face? or Facebook?

Take the last time you recieved an important message about school or a bill that needs paying? A message from a relative or someone far away? Or a special offer or discount for a shop? Mailbox? Or E-mail?

I think you can see where I'm going.
We're no longer human beings, we're technology whores.
Srsly. Who checks their actual mailbox anymore?
Who doesn't shop online?
Who doesn't research christmas presents or what cameras good to buy or blah blah online? When is the last time you bought a CD from Golden Discs, rather than download it for free, illegally? Everything is happening on the internet these days. The latest fashion trends, the latest music, the coolest websites, the most instant gossip and the most efficient form of communication.

It's a positive and a negative but I'm not getting into it.
I love my laptop. I love the internet. I love wireless connection. DONE.

ps. Ever wonder what we used to do before fb?
....musta been alot of TV we were watching way back when...that's for sure..

3. Yoghurt & Muesli.

If you get the right muesli mix and mix it with the perfect flavour of raspberry or strawberry yoghurt. The combo is so effing sexy. Srsly. All that's keeping me going on this diet besides strawberries and frozen yoghurt. I've lost 7 pounds though so pat me on the back bitches. xoxo]

4.  Gothic tendencies.
I'm sorry but some of them are just so amazing to just stare at.
I could do it for hours.
The paleness and the dark colours and everything is just so masculine or something and I love it. I'm not talking about the emo's from secondary school who cut themselves for fun and listened to decapitated and slipknot etc.
I'm talking about the proper tattooed, pierced, dark beautiful Mortisha Addams family lookalikes.
Just look at these pictures and you'll catch my drift, I hope.
Otherwise I just have an awkward fetish. They're just so classic or victorian or something. Love. Everythings so dark on such a light pale palette. Studs. Leather. Lace and velvet. GAH love love love.

5.  My Mom.

Just love her.

6.  Psychology.

I think Psychology, for me, has to be one of the most interesting subjects in the world. I love the whole meaning behind every little thing we do.
I love learning about defence mechanisms and phsychosexual development and Freud and memory types and I literally just love learning it all. Esp when my study buddy Suze is there with me. Don't forget Suze...
and last but never least Regression.
Still know that shit off like it was yesterday.

Yeah so love the mind and the in depth concepts of why we are the way we are and how we function in different ways. Why did I not put Psychology down on the CAO. I'm a ledge.

7.  Friends.
So this should probably be higher on the list but it's kind of a given.
The world would not exist without friends cause we'd all be one man bands and nobody would ever be happy. No man is an island and craic. 

8. Pictures.
Photos allow you too look back and laugh about all the good times you've had with your besto'zz. I love pictures and my notice board is DESTROYED in 'em. Cameras out of action for the moment considering I broke it on New Years out of sheer and utter alco-ism but shit happens. PC world selling a decent one for 60e so if anybody wants to buy me my burfday prezzo earlies go for it. 

9.  Music.

Just listen to these gems and be in love with them.
Nothing further.

10.  Lady GaGa.

I'm not going to get into a big long spiel about why Lady Gaga is the genius of our generation, but love her or hate her, you've got to admit, she's literally changed the world. Fashion, Prejudice, Music. You name it. She's conquered it. I love her, along with a million other "Little Monsters" all over the world. Her art is incredible and I look forward to seeing her in the Aviva when she comes. The world would be a sadder and less open-minded place without her and I cherish her for that.