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Thursday, 5 January 2012

2012... Can you handle this?

So guysssss....IT'S KINDA 2012 RIGHT NOW!?
Amazing or what?
A whole 12 months has come and gone and we're all still alive.
It wasn't the end of the world after all. PHEW. Thank God.

A few highlights of 2011 were....
(...shit what the fuck actually happened last year?..)
Well I went to New York with my best friend in February and had the absolute week of my life.
Bought loads...Seen Lady Gaga in Madison Square Garden.. and just loved the whole experience.
Lost my phone in Topshop while we were there but fuck it I'm alive and kicking so who gives a rats ass.

..What else....
I obviously repeated the LC...and in March I met the most amazing woman to work for the Irish Education System ever. She happened to be my German oral examiner. Loved Frau Kiebel or whatever her name was. She was sooo pregnant and we got on like a haus on feuer AUF DEUTSCH. My oral went so well that wenn es war endet WE TOTALLY HI5-ed. I loved the woman and eventually went on to get a B1 in German overall. Was delightedddd. I was really happy with my final results in August and the LC was not half as stressful the second time round. Kinda enjoyed repeating if I do say so. 

Went to the amazingness that was Oxegen 2011 with the crew in July and had the weekend of my life. Got wasted off a Mickey Finn/Druids/7up/vodka mixture in a 2L bottle and that actually got me fucked the first whole day along with a few cans here and there. Kinda messed up on the tent front since I forgot half the shit we needed to ERECT it. But my Ox roomies got ovaa it and it's kinda one of those things I always get made fun of about ever since. lol lol lol x1000. Spent the guts of Saturday with two of the cutest girls I know. We literally had the most amazing Saturday ever...birra Script..birra Brandoo Flowa'zz...birra craic in the stalls with the bures lioke.  Again..lost my purse with my age card, laser, student card and subway card on the first day. Yeah so I was bawling for a good hour..but then my brother arrived with a garden chair and a few bob and saved the day and gah sure I was bopping the next 3 days away. How could I not, with bands like Coldplay, B.E.P, Arctic Monkeys, Two Door, Example etc etc the list goes on..
Lost my camera but I got 2e disposables in the pound shop so everything was grand.
Oxegen was amazing and I spent it with all my favourite people bar Mitch who unforch had to stay home... but will be bopping her hearts content this year over in Glasgow when we hit T in the park. Ox is on his/her own holiday for this year, but come 2013...Punchestown will regret ever having left us in the lurch. The lineup will be bigger and better and banterfuller. And we'll be living the dream&loving the music all over again.
July also brought with it my 19th birthday. Which officially makes it illegal for anyone to talk about my age. Because I feel really old. End of that discussion. Dannys had the UV party yolk on my birthdate, just by chance. I pure thought it was gonna be this big amazing glow in the dark night. It turned out to be the shittest night evaaa evvaa evaaaaa. The UV paint was blobbed onto a random piece of wood..and even though the turnout was good..the buzz was shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite. Yeah so I think everyone in Mgar remembers what a letdown that was.

With August came the Debs and LC results.
I had an amazing night with all my favourite people and I drank so much that I can't actually remember anything solid enough to give a shoutout about, except for that my date was kind enough to transform into a human camera charger for a few minutes, and also that he smeared some whores bright red lipstick all over my 1,000e dress. Ok my dress cost 50e ..but still.
P.S. I didn't wake up for my hair appt that day because I'm a hawwt mess but what can you do. Everyone laughs at that part. Dunno why. Probably because I'm a mess. As if I was going getting up at 9am for a fuckin' hair appt like. Honestly..Yeah so kinda had to stick in the aul extensions myself..bit of nightmare since Clare Carroll decided to fuck off to Spain when I needed her but I eventually got over it.  The girl could easily do her own hair&makeup twisted, in the dark, in a 200mph moving car and still be unreal at it. LOVE YOU CLARE. Éadaoin didn't go to the Debs in the end because of a family trip to ÉSPANA and I was bawling. This year however, She'll be going and I will be at her house, for the photos like an absolute camera whore, just to see her all dolled up and ready to party like it's 1999. HON'.

As I said, a little bit later.. I got my LC results and was abso over the moon. Got enough for what I wanted and that was all that mattered. CAO sorted me out easy and now I'm living it up in U-C-D. Moved up in September/October can't remem and love it ever since apart from my shitty roomies but hey that's life. I've met lots of lovely girls and boys and I hope to meet more this semester. My course is intense but I'll get the hang of the workload eventually. Cooking my own dinner is really my only struggle with college right now, but I'll get the hang of it soon enough. 

December was a rough month with exams and bitches and too much food and bitches. New Years was amazing but annoying. Bittersweet to say the least but my house was so fun. Jello shots and shifting sesh'zz in my bedroom but hush be quiet and bobs chur' uncle. 

 But have no fear, for January is here. Seems like we're going to be around the planet Earth for a little while longer, since the world is still...well, ON and what not. I decided that I 
might as well go ahead and make a few resolutions or 2012.  Here goes...
  • Spend less $$$ on drink & more $$$ on a healthy and sensible lifestyle. LOL-@-THAT.*
  • Become more physically fit. Healthy body, healthy mind and all that jazz..
  • Tell dem bitches be hatin' GO SUCK MA DICK. (pure already did)
  • Appreciate what I have, instead of always wanting new clothes all the time.
  • Make more friends, but only the genuine kind.
  • Do something more for the community.
  • Read more, improve the vocab lioke.
  • Put more effort into family time.
  • Quit being so uptight 24/7.
  • Learn to really cook.
  • Argue less.
  • Finally go to a place like Spain with a big group of friends. & get a fucking legit tan ffs.

Yeah so I'm not asking for that much at all.. 

There you have it.
2011. Monster of year, brought mishaps and mischief and mistakes and memories and just friendships that will last me an absolute lifetime. I met people, because of repeat and because of college, that I now count as some of my best friends. I'm so lucky for everything with exams and friends and I just appreciate all the wonderful friendships that've been made. I love my family and I would undoubtedly be lost without them too. SHOUTOUT TO PENNY AND BRAVV.
Nawh I'm joking, but yeah. Thanks 2011. You were lovely and giving and everything and gah I just can't wait to have another beautiful year. Here's hoping that life can get even better than the year that was 2011. Hope 2012 is good to all of us..esp all the LC'zz.


Here are just a few other random snaps from my favourite parts of 2011.

Lots of love and kisses.

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