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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Love makes the world go round..

I'm not going to be here for long.
Just a short post to confirm that I am indeed alive.
And also, to inform the few followers that I have, that the only thing I can even begin to consider posting about right now is how retarded and lonely I'm feeling atm. My most recent obsession is couple videos. As if there wasn't enough of them on Youtube.

Dare you.
Type something couple-esque into the search bar and you'll be amazed at the amount of results.
Couples all over the, straight etc. 
Fascinating how many couples have decided to display the 'best bits' of their private and personal relationships over the internet..not that I'm complaining. I am the one supplying them with countless views afterall.
I narrowed it down to these 3.
They're my absolute favourites. 
I chose one straight, one gay, and one lesbian. Seems only fair that all 3 should be represented, right? So yeah. Just look at how different these couples are, but how alike they are too? I WANT THAT.
Like...Jesse&Sam met on tumblr for goodness sake.
I CAN'T EVEN MEET A BOY IN A CAFÉ. Fucking hatechuu tumblr.
And Joe&Will eskimo kiss like they've been practicing since birth.
Their fluidness makes me so jealous that I've already vommed thrice. (fluidness probs not a word)
And Andrea and Emmas wall antics just hilight their physical attraction for eachother.
JESUS LIKE ugh just fast forward to when I have the best boyfriend in the world and we make everyone else wanna vom finishing eachotherz sentences and kissing until the sun comes up and GAH someone shoot me.

ps. I'm going to Amsterdam with the foxy Suzie Q on Monday.
Back on Friday, so expect lots of pictures and the complete lowdown on our trip with the Psychology crew. 
Lots of love.

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