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Monday, 14 May 2012

In the words of Asher Roth...

Good evening boys and girls,

How's everybody doing? Long time no blog, I know. Been a while...
Your prodigal blogger has finally made a riveting return.
My posts since September have been pretty shit in fairness.
I know what you're thinking. Again, I abandoned you.  It's like that one friend everyone has, fucks off the face of the earth when she gets a boyf. Eats, sleeps and breathes with the fucker. And only him. Doesn't respond to your calls or texts. So...we broke up last week and voila. Here you have it. I'm crawling back, tail between my legs, it's written all over my face. When will I ever learn? Maybe never...
Well get the fuck over it. I'm back in black. And I'm here to stay for a few months at least. Until UCD will have me for another year of mayhem and mischief that is... 

A lot has changed since last year, 2011. I've completed the first year of my course. When I say completed, I mean I skipped quite a few important classes, went out a lot, slept in a lot, got pretty drunk all the time, stayed up way too late A LOT, and probably drank 24 times my bodyweight in alcohol throughout the whole year. I've made lots of new friends and overall, I'm really happy with how it's all went. Exams started on the 1st of May and jesus, they were rough. How and ever, they're done for the moment and results come out at the end of the month, so let's just enjoy our first post back together for now. Think about the serious shit laters. So yeah. I really did meet some wonderful people. Like, it puts a smile on my face to think that if I was freaking out over something right this second, I could ring one my UCD bezzies and just talk shite for an hour and like just feel like I've known them for years and stuff. Like, these are people I literally met a baby ago. We've all been together for 9 months. A whole pregnancy. Pretty special if you ask me. We took the test, we got the results and BOOM. In it together for the long haul like. Don't get me wrong, I could ring any single one of my friends here at home, but they've kinda got the LC thing going best to leave them to their  French verbs and their quadratic equations..all that jazz. In a few short months, like me, they'll start college, and slowly but surely become nocturnal, like myself and all my other college friends. Nocturnal-ness is growing faster than Facebook, which is probably the actual source of the problem come to think of it. 

Anyway, the real subject of this entry is based on my increasing obsession with the way the world works. Obviously not in a general sense. Just like, the way that like this time last year, the people I met in College were absolute strangers to me. We didn't know each other, nor were we friends on Facebook. We'd never heard of each other, and we'd never met. I guess some would say there's the off chance we could've been camping beside each other at Oxegen, or sitting near each other at a concert or something.. but y'know what I mean. Like we had nothing in common, except for the leaving cert, and our CAO choices I guess. I think of that, and then I think of how much time we've all spent together. It really is crazy. Like I feel like I know some of them as long as I'd know my friends from school. I know. And like it's so weird to sit and talk to someone whose from a completely different part of the country, and still feel like you've got so much in common. Nearly like you've been friends with them for years. I just never saw it all coming. Genuinely, you won't really know what I'm talking about until it happens. Mind blowing right thurr. I just can't wait for next year. To do it all over again. Like to think, you meet someone who you're going to be living with in the first few days of College. You tell them you're from Mullingar, and they're astounded that you don't carry a pitchfork around Campus with you. Being the creep you are, you go to add them on facebook that night, and there you have it? A handful of mutual friends. Some from the gaeltacht..or a revision course or just something really random. BOOM. There's another million conversational doors opened up. About how they met X & Y...& there's always a funny story that you can both laugh about. Next thing you know, it's months later and your BFF's chilling on the couch watching Republic of Telly together. Or watching your favourite movies together. Or getting the bus to town to go home. Or having sleepovers & Geordie Shore marathons together in bed. 

It's just so funny how things work out. I love College. UCD to be precise. Don't wanna be causing any confusion. I've appointed myself your local advocate, so any UCD-infused questions, I'm your woman. Seriously though, if you're reading and you're an LC... You're in for the year of your life. Like, I'll be a second year next year, and my social life will eventually begin to die down a bit with the increased workload. You however, will be living the life. Going out every second night and just having the absolute craic with your new found friends. Your college work will probs suffer but once exams come around, you'll cram yourself into the ground and pass those motherfuckers and Bob'zz yer Uncle few naggonzz be grand. Seriously though.. College surpassed my expectations by miles, and I can only hope that each year gets better and better. I'm so happy with the way that everything worked out. Not gonna lie, if I could go back I would've slept less and went to a lot more tutorials/lectures. But fuck it, shit happens.

Obviously, as you can tell from reading this, the people are a large part of the whole experience for me. There's loads of other great things about being in College though. For me, the independence and the freshness were other perks. Like, being able to just get the 39a into the city centre and go shopping, without even having to let someone know where I am, what time I'll be home, if I've eaten etc. 
And the night life.
Meeting different people who dress and act and talk and just do everything differently. It's great. I love it. Can't imagine my life being any different anymore. The days of after school study and grinds in Pass Maths have been long forgotten.

There you have it. I love College. It's nearly 4am and college is over, which means I no longer have the excuse that it's  the driving force to my insomnia. On that note. Go to bed. Study. Watch a movie. Whatever. Goodnight.

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