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Thursday, 28 June 2012


So this is just a post on SUMMER 2012 and how to make it the best one yet! As many of you know I've been off College since late May, so I've had a bit of time to myself. Lol jk.. enough time to finish 8 amazing, addictive, nailbiting and extremely grammy-worthy seasons of Greys Anatomy. Until June, I had never been a believer..but man, have I been converted. AMAZE. Apart from that, I've also been up to my own old tricks, trying to come up with new ways to freshen up this Summer. Some are old, some are new..let's face it. It's hard to be original after 2012 years like. I'm sure you've all got some funky plans lined up. For instance, Oxegen has been cancelled this year because the wonderful people at MCD were too lazy to organise this year, so I've taken matters into my own hands. SHIT NEEDS TO GET DONE. I'm going to Pheonix Park for 2 amazing consecutive days in July to see the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Snow Patrol, Florence & the Machine, Snoop Dogg..the list goes on. 2 fun-filled days are in order, this is certain. As far as I know both gigs take place during the day. Means we'll be getting a bus up with cans and craic. CANNOT WAIT. Hopefully the weather will be beaut. Then my birthday will commence approx a week afters and I'll be the happiest girl in the world for the whole month of July. August means either Berlin or Electric Picnic or  somewhere else, I don't know yet. I'm sure you've all got some great plans sorted. Anyways, here are a few funky fresh ways to keep your Summer fun. 

Cheap Sunglasses.
You have no excuse..Pennys sells the finest kind of sunglasses from aztec to neon to classic aviatorr so  get on up there and buy a pair. They cost no more than 5e. Literally that's all I have to say. They're fun and they make pictures look cuush and just UGH love a nice pair of sunglasses on a nice sunny day.

Now. There's the easiest thing out of the way. On to a more difficult task. So as you all know, we're living in Ireland where the weather may not always be ideal. So instead of sitting inside all day, watching old episodes of Saved by the Bell! Why not do something productive..exciting...creative even? Maybe a Spring Clean Up? I know what you're thinking. 'Louise...what happened to the words creative and exciting'? Well hear me out. I'm thinking get a bin bag or something and put all the clothes you don't want in there, just so your room gets a spic' and span' cleanup while you're being productive. Once, you've got rid of unwanted bits, and you're happy with the Kim&Aggy-esque job you've done (STOP BEING A HOARDER IT IS NOT HEALTHY PEOPLE) have a gawk through the bin bag. Instead of throwing away this stuff, why not be creative and resourceful? Instead of going into Topshop and buying a fringey crop top or a studded denim jacket...make it yourself? Seriously...most you'll need is a glue-gun or a scissors. Look up a tutorial on youtube and Bob's your Uncle. Maybe you can stick something on a denim jacket? Or even body glitter on your favourite skirt? Like you might as'll save you money PLUS you'll be proud of what you did. On the off chance that nothing you've thrown into that bag is worth saving..just pop it into Oxfam on Oliver Plunkett St. There's your good deed done for the day babes. Don't you feel better about the shitty weather already? 


Flutter your lashes like never before.
I'm afraid you're going to get annoyed at me now. I'm about to sound like one of those annoying infomercials on Youtube that play just before the video that you actually want to watch. Unfortunately, there's no 'SKIP AD' button here so you're stuck with me. Here goes..

Are you sick of buying pair after pair of false eyelashes for nights out? Sick of the awkward attempt at applying them? Application kills me..cause I'm shite. Can't apply lashes to save my life. Like I ALWAYS try and fail. And then I have glow-in-the-dark eyelash glue all over my eyeshadow for the rest of the night, minus the fake lashes. For those of you that have noticed this before, No, that was unintentional..I am not a raver. So want a solution? Here's the trick. Glamoureyes and loads of other beauty places in town are doing a false eyelash application. The lashes last for just over a month as far as I know and they're are fairly affordable, depending on the kind of lashes you would like. A standard set are 40e and if you thinkk about it..putting a tenner away a week wouldn't be that hard. I'm sure if you went in and enquired you could do some sort of arrangement where you pay in installments and recieve the treatment at the end. Anyways, I got it done last week and I love it. Without false lashes, I have about 3 natural ones. Eyelashes can really give your eyes definition and I strongly reccommend them. Maybe ask a friend to partner up with you, if the two of you promise to save a tenner or something a week for 4 consecutive weeks and get them done together? Although if you go to dodgy places in Dublin along Henry could probs get it done for 20e each. Anyways, just a thought. It's handy in Summer for when you're going out a lot in a short space of time and I think it's worth it. 

Sip on some Cocktails.
Let's face it we're boring fuckers. Night after night, we drink out of cans and bottles. The same stuff. Cider. Spirits. Beer. Wine. Whatever. Liquid of your choice obvss. Where's the variety? Where's the funky cute colourful drink with the paper umberella hanging out?  YOUTUBE THAT SHIT. One of my things to do for Summer is to learn how to make loads of cocktails. Like you'll be using the usual Vod and mixers but instead of being boring, why not like mix them up and make them look cool? Stick some ice and fruit in like some strawbs or lime etc and just be a lil' more creative? They'd be so fun for a pre-drinks with the girls or even a d.i.y. night where everyone brings over a certain ingredient and yee all make them there and then. Could get a bit messy I suppose, but that's never stopped us before. I love cocktails cause they're so fresh and fruity and different. They're not your typical drink and they're so fun for Summer. Try it. There's loads of easy recipes on Google or Youtube. The world is your oyster hunzoz. TROPIC CENTRAL. I just thought of it cause up in College a few friends of mine hosted a cocktail party! It was such a funky twist on pre-drinking and I love it :) TRY IT GOYzz.


Bright colours AND shorts.

Festival time!
So Oxegen is a no-show this year. :(
Start saving. A tenner a week or something? Your rents might throw you a few bob come the end of August like? I've got my piggy bank on the window and slowly but surely it's getting heavier. Seriously. The Killers. The Cure. Azaelia. Sigur Rós. Metronomy and loads more. It's gonna be so worth it. Cannot actually wait like. FUCK YOU OXEGEN, FUCK YOU.


Paint your room a different colour. There's a tub of paint somewhere in the shed and sure why not? It's been a while and it's time for a change. Get rid of the clothes at the back of your wardrobe. In fairness you haven't worn them in years so it's time for the bin. De-clutter. Just get rid of all the unwanted stuff you've got lying around cause there's no point in it just picking up dust. A re-vamp is always nice anyway cause it puts you in a better mood and a clean and fresh bedroom will give you a clear head.

FUCK IT. Get a tattoo.
I'm getting one next month. It's decided. Discussed it with the rents and it's happening.
YOP. Nothing drastic. Just something cute and meaningful and nice to look at. I'm old enough and it's time I put my age to good use. Don't go crazy though, and don't get something silly if it really has no meaning. You've got to live with the reminded for the rest of your life after all! 

Fortune teller anyone?
There's a psychic in either Dannys or the Yukon and I'm defo getting my cards read or whatever it is this Summer. Actually if any of my friends reading this wanna do it plz tell me everyone I've asked is being supersticious and I really wanna do it! It's like 20 quid and it's the first thing I'm doing with my bday money! SRSLY. Awkward if he tells me I'm gonna die or something but sure you only live once!

Break bad habits. 
Get fit.
Stop wasting money on stuff you don't need.
Less time on facebook.
More time meeting people.
Think about next year!!!
Keep updating that CV.
Do some extra work around the house.
.....OK now it just sounds like a self-help book....

Last but not least, Document your Summer.
Bring your camera EVERYWHERE.

So here's my stop.
I'm on my way out now, heading off for a cycle with my Mom cause I'm a cute bastard. Seriously though, I know the weather is shit but there's loads of stuff to do so stop complaining and get out and do something! Laziness is contage in this country! Anyways. Hope your Summer goes unreal goyzz! Enjoy mwa x